Medical IT Support

Binovia's combination of biomed and informatics expertise helps to ensure that your systems are always operational.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Binovia leads the way in Healthcare IT Consulting and helps optimize your IT infrastructure be more efficient and productive.

Medical Data Backup

Binovia can help ensure that your practice and patient data is always safe, secure and easily accessbile in any disaster.

Electronic Medical Records

Binovia handles everything from EMR Implementation to EMR software setup and training to help your facility improve patient care.

Medical Equipment Repair

Binovia's Biomedical Technicans help to keep your sensitive medical equipment functioning at optimum levels and minimize downtime.

Medical Computer Support

Binovia can help support your computer systems and keep your technology up to date and running efficiently.

Biomedical Informatics Services

Binoiva offers biomedical informatics and services help to streamline the technological aspect of your facility, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

EMR Software and EMR Systems

EMR SoftwareElectronic medical records are the legal documents created by the healthcare facility which records what happened during a patients’ visit to that facility. Without proper implementation of EMR systems, electronic health record systems cannot properly be created or implemented. Properly integrated EMR systems will help reduce the opportunity for medical record error.

Binovia’s Hosted & Customized EMR Solutions
Simple. Paperless. Cost-Effective.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) are the industry standard in medical records management. Binovia hosts your EMR system with automated backups and creates a simple and easy-to-use electronic medical record for your medical facility, imaging center, or hospital that allows for a smooth transition when coordinated by our expert implementation team. Binovia’s expertise in biomedical, clinical technology informatics enables us to maintain a comprehensive medical records system for your organization at a practical cost.

EMR Management

Binovia’s customization of a hosted EMR allows for your patients’ record to begin with their first appointment in a way that fits your facility. Administrative staff can create the individual’s EMR upon their first scheduled visit and begin an easily accessible record that tracks your patients all the way from administration to billings. And, with training and support from Binovia we can assure that all staff will understand how to use the system properly allowing for paperless and secure storage for patient records.

Medical Professionals
Doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners can access patient records easily and quickly, adding to patient notes and dictating directly into the EMR. Binovia’s EMR management provides doctors with more time to see patients and less time charting.

EMR Billing Software

The EMR managed by Binovia is even capable of billing electronically. Your administrative staff can pull up a patient’s bills at the front desk and your billing department can easily see the patient record to provide prompt billing statements.

EMR Hosting and EMR Backup

With Binovia managing your EMR you don’t have to worry about misplacing files or crashed hard drives. We back up your EMR data hourly to our secure off-site data storage center.

The best part is the whole system is paperless. You won’t have to worry about someone pulling the wrong file or misplacing it. Access any patient information quickly 24 hours a day.

Contact Binovia now to set up a demonstration, and hear more about how our services can help you get a simple, paperless and cost-effective EMR. 877-331-0282