Medical IT Support

Binovia's combination of biomed and informatics expertise helps to ensure that your systems are always operational.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Binovia leads the way in Healthcare IT Consulting and helps optimize your IT infrastructure be more efficient and productive.

Medical Data Backup

Binovia can help ensure that your practice and patient data is always safe, secure and easily accessbile in any disaster.

Electronic Medical Records

Binovia handles everything from EMR Implementation to EMR software setup and training to help your facility improve patient care.

Medical Equipment Repair

Binovia's Biomedical Technicans help to keep your sensitive medical equipment functioning at optimum levels and minimize downtime.

Medical Computer Support

Binovia can help support your computer systems and keep your technology up to date and running efficiently.

Biomedical Informatics Services

Binoiva offers biomedical informatics and services help to streamline the technological aspect of your facility, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

Healthcare Informatics and Clinical Informatics

Healthcare InformaticsModern medical centers depend on computers and networked communications for functionality and to ensure quality patient care. Specialists in healthcare IT and biomedical engineering are key contributors to health care facilities and health data management. Interpreting medical information correctly can identify IT errors and solve problems quickly and efficiently.

Cross-trained IT/biomed technicians examine medical data properly. They understand medical language and terminology and can ensure that your facility is functioning proficiently and without error.

Healthcare Informatics Services

Our professional biomedical engineers and healthcare IT technicians help manage the technology change while keeping the basics of your operation/facility in mind. We can not only manage your information systems, but we can also train your existing staff to work on internal issues as well as serve as backup consultants for future biomedical and IT maintenance and problem solving.

Whether it’s technology relating to procuring/purchasing newer clinical devices or modalities, we can help in multiple areas:

  • Implementation and clinical acceptance
  • Recommend and implement computer networks, communication and IT upgrades
  • Clinical technology evaluation
  • bITomed™ techniciansbiomedical engineers trained in equipment service as well as Information Technology can help implement new systems and train your staff to use them


Binovia has customized our backup strategy/architecture to minimize downtime. We have worked extensively with many different PACS networks, and realizes that simple DICOM storage of images can be cumbersome to reinstate into a fully functional system. Binovia offers traditional DICOM 3.0 storage in parallel with customized manufacturer specific recommendations. This dual pronged approach can greatly reduce downtime should the facility experience a catastrophic failure.