Medical IT Support

Binovia's combination of biomed and informatics expertise helps to ensure that your systems are always operational.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Binovia leads the way in Healthcare IT Consulting and helps optimize your IT infrastructure be more efficient and productive.

Medical Data Backup

Binovia can help ensure that your practice and patient data is always safe, secure and easily accessbile in any disaster.

Electronic Medical Records

Binovia handles everything from EMR Implementation to EMR software setup and training to help your facility improve patient care.

Medical Equipment Repair

Binovia's Biomedical Technicans help to keep your sensitive medical equipment functioning at optimum levels and minimize downtime.

Medical Computer Support

Binovia can help support your computer systems and keep your technology up to date and running efficiently.

Biomedical Informatics Services

Binoiva offers biomedical informatics and services help to streamline the technological aspect of your facility, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

Binovia - Healthcare IT Nebraska

Binovia offers services in Nebraska and across the US for healthcare IT, biomedical Engineering, EMR and EHR set up, and medical device repair.

Please contact our Omaha, NE Corporate office with any questions.

3021 N. 204th Street
Omaha NE 68022
P: (877) 331-0282
F: (402) 339-9010

Healthcare IT Nebraska

Innovation for information technology in the healthcare industry is the standard at Binovia. We are an industry leader headquartered in Nebraska. We excel in multiple fields including healthcare IT and healthcare IT consulting services. Our professionally trained staff streamlines the flow of information across all healthcare fields. We work with healthcare organizations in Nebraska and throughout the United States to improve data flow and communication across all levels of medical fields.

Biomedical Engineering Nebraska

Biomedical Engineering is a crucial part to keeping healthcare facilities functioning properly. In addition to offering healthcare IT services, Binovia also has biomedical engineers on staff in Nebraska to ensure your facility is up to date and running smoothly. Equipment upgrades are created, old technology is phased out and new systems are implemented at an alarming pace. Our biomedical engineers are not only dedicated to keeping up, but also putting your facility ahead of the latest technology, increasing efficiency and interoperability between departments of your Nebraska healthcare facility.

Electronic Medical Record – EMR Nebraska

The electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic health record (EHR) is becoming the industry standard in healthcare records management. With the government strongly encouraging a national transition to EMRs, Binovia can help make sure that your Nebraska facility is up to date and ready for any governmental changes. Since paper records have been utilized for centuries in the healthcare industry, it can be a struggle to keep up and correctly implement new EMR and EHR systems. Binovia’s Nebraska office provides specialized EMR and EHR system implementation and training services to help.

Medical Equipment Repair Omaha, NE

The need for medical equipment repair is inevitable. Binovia’s skilled biomedical engineers can repair and service your medical devices to ensure proper functionality so that you can provide the highest level of service to your patients. We have trained bITomed engineers in our Omaha office that can also assist with determining useful life of medical equipment and help with replacement of outdated devices.