Medical IT Support

Binovia's combination of biomed and informatics expertise helps to ensure that your systems are always operational.

Healthcare IT Consulting

Binovia leads the way in Healthcare IT Consulting and helps optimize your IT infrastructure be more efficient and productive.

Medical Data Backup

Binovia can help ensure that your practice and patient data is always safe, secure and easily accessbile in any disaster.

Electronic Medical Records

Binovia handles everything from EMR Implementation to EMR software setup and training to help your facility improve patient care.

Medical Equipment Repair

Binovia's Biomedical Technicans help to keep your sensitive medical equipment functioning at optimum levels and minimize downtime.

Medical Computer Support

Binovia can help support your computer systems and keep your technology up to date and running efficiently.

Biomedical Informatics Services

Binoiva offers biomedical informatics and services help to streamline the technological aspect of your facility, allowing you to focus more on patient care.

Medical IT Services

Healthcare IT ConsultingHealthcare IT Consulting

Binovia works as a healthcare IT consultant with your existing or on-site IT staff to ensure your network and medical IT infrastructure are working properly and efficiently. With Binovia, you not only receive healthcare IT consulting but you also will get our in-depth support and guidance through our vast experience in dealing with healthcare IT. Our professional IT staff and biomedical engineers help guide you through the process of managing your network as well as other healthcare technology services.

Medical Computer SupportMedical Computer Support

We offer a variety of medical computer support services, including on-site medical computer repair, and system set up. We also can help upgrade your existing medical computers to increase productivity and system efficiency. Our healthcare IT technicians can set up in-home networks for physicians with secure access to view electronic medical records when necessary, giving them a faster and easier way to access patient information and provide the ultimate patient-care experience before even stepping foot in the office.

Medical Data BackupMedical Data Backup

Binovia offers medical data backup and storage to ensure that your valuable patient and practice information is safe and secure. By using the Binovia’s state-of-the-art medical data back up system, you can ensure that your patient information is always recoverable and kept safe in the event of server failure or physical disaster to your healthcare facility.

Medical IT SupportMedical IT Support

Our professionally trained medical IT support technicians and biomedical engineers provide unparalleled service for all of your medical IT needs. From building your entire data network to routine server maintenance, Binovia strives to provide the highest level of service. We pride ourselves on working with a sense of urgency and sensitivity for important medical information and offering strategic, comprehensive solutions that meet your healthcare IT needs.

Medical Records ScanningMedical Records Scanning

Binovia understands the sensitivity of medical records. With our high speed medical records scanning services, we can help your facility either begin the transition to paperless records or eliminate the amount of paperwork that needs to be processed daily. Created specifically for the healthcare industry, we will quickly and securely create images your existing medical records. Imaged documents are available for quick retrieval anytime through our medical records software without the hassle of space wasting paper medical records.

Biomedical Informatics

Biomedical services exist to streamline and enhance efficiency within a medical establishment. These interconnected fields of information technology and biomedical engineering should be systematically synchronized in order to tackle any issues or problems that can arise from continuously changing and improving technologies. A team of biomedical informatics can allow for a more efficient and affective workflow, which results in improved overall patient care.