Article posted on Wednesday, November, 19th, 2008 at 9:23 pm

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Healthcare Services Firm Ahead of Washington
Binovia, a leading informatics and biomedical services firm is helping healthcare facilities streamline information flow and putting them a step ahead of what both presidential candidates outline as vital to national healthcare. A commonality between Senators McCain and Obama’s healthcare plans has been to increase efficiency and implement new technology.

Electronic medical records (EMRs) and new technology are an important topic in the candidates’ healthcare plans because they increase efficiency and reduce risk for error,” said Binovia Chief Executive Officer Jesse Fisher. “EMRs will likely be mandated by the government in the coming years and we are currently helping healthcare facilities streamline operations by concentrating on the spectrum of data flow.”

Binovia works with healthcare facilities to ensure that medical information is transmitted properly beginning with the patient and from there to a central nurse’s station to physicians, medical records and billing. Recently Binovia assisted a hospital’s move to make their radiology department filmless. This not only saves the hospital money in terms of film and development chemicals, it makes them more efficient. Changing to a filmless department also benefits the environment.

The Rand Corporation released a survey showing that up to $77 billion in savings would be realized if EMRs were utilized in most healthcare facilities.

About Binovia: Binovia provides superior informatics and biomedical services customized to the technologically advancing needs of healthcare facilities. With the appropriate solution for each client, Binovia provides information technology and biomedical engineering to healthcare facilities throughout the United States.