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OMAHA, Neb., — Recognizing the need to streamline the information flow in today’s technologically advanced patient-care facilities, Binovia, an informatics and biomedical services firm, has introduced bITomed (bye-T-omed), a service that cross-trains technicians in biomedical engineering and information technology (IT).

bITomed technicians ensure that medical information is properly transmitted starting with the electrodes on the patient’s skin to a central monitor and from there to medical records, referring physicians and billing. Binovia is one of the only companies in the country that cross-trains technicians in biomedical engineering and IT.

The fusion of IT and biomedical engineering departments provides healthcare facilities with quality customer service as well as the IT knowledge necessary to ensure information reaches its destination. By using a bITomed technician, healthcare facilities can increase efficiency, especially in rural areas where one employee can fill the needs for both biomedical engineering and IT.

“At Binovia, we see the bITomed as a tool to help hospitals transmit patient information to electronic medical records (EMRs) which will be required by the government in the future,” said Jesse Fisher, Binovia’s Chief Executive Officer.

Fisher has seen firsthand how bITomeds can improve patient care by decreasing downtime and described this recent situation, perfectly suited for a bITomed technician.

“A neo-natal monitor at a Binovia client healthcare facility wasn’t sending information to the nurse’s central station,” said Fisher. “Without receiving vital sign information, nurses could not monitor the baby’s vital signs, nor determine if the baby’s health suddenly declined.”

“The hospital’s IT department found no problem on their end and the biomedical department confirmed that the monitor was working properly. However, the nurse’s station still wasn’t receiving the information. Our bITomed, because of cross-training, was able to solve the problem quickly and get the neo-natal monitor transmitting again.”

Binovia currently services healthcare facilities with bITomed technicians. Fisher expects the need for bITomed cross-trained technicians to expand around 250 percent over the next two years as the use of informatics and biomedical technology increases in healthcare facilities.

About Binovia: Binovia provides superior informatics and biomedical services customized to the technologically advancing needs of healthcare facilities. With the appropriate solution for each client, Binovia provides information technology and biomedical engineering to healthcare facilities throughout the United States.

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