Solving ComplexIT

The world runs on computers. From large scale hospitals, to regional medical facilities, and even everyday business, your operations are tied to the successful operation of a piece of technology. Your needs are unique, which is why Binovia staffs cross-trained IT technicians and leverages our over 30 years of solving the most complex IT problems to build a unique solution that is customized to your needs.

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Healthcare IT

Closing the gap between engineering, medicine, and healthcare IT. Binovia’s biomedical engineers are trained in multiple biomedical fields to assist healthcare facilities in any area they may need assistance and allowing us to follow the issue from the patient, to the equipment, and even the medical records to ensure the issue is fully resolved.

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Medical Device

Binovia offers the highest level of medical equipment repair and medical device repair. We understand how crucial it is that your medical equipment is always functioning at the highest level possible so our biomedical equipment technicians are trained to repair the most up-to-date technology and equipment.

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Business IT

Whether your business is large or small, the need for functioning, efficient technology is still the same. Binovia offers IT services that will keep your home-based business, small business or large firm running smoothly and efficiently and our trained, professional technicians will always be available to solve your problems.

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Binovia Built for You

Your needs and situation is unique, you need an IT solution that is customized to your needs and your processes. That is where Binovia comes in. We have extensive experience in building unique and customized IT solutions to solve any number of IT related challenges, including on-site failures, medical device issues and repair, electronic records management, and remote reading. Fill out the form below and speak with a Binovia expert who can help start the planning for your customized IT solution.

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I have worked with Binovia for 5 years, and they have always responded to every challenge with the positive attitude of “How can we get this done?”  Binovia has given us solid application support for 7 different Cardiology applications, and provided Project Management for countless installations, upgrades, and go-lives.  Binovia assists with all networking and Windows Server and Desktop support for Cardiology and they thrive on special projects from DICOM image management, and HL7 messaging,  to specific Visual Basic programming.

Mora Link

Supervisor Cardiac Diagnostics

We have had great experiences with Binovia. They are flexible with setting up dates and times that worked best with our clinic. They are always quick in answering any questions that we have and that’s always a plus. The techs that service our analyzers and lab equipment have been professional and work with little to no disruption to our workflow. - Tasha Conley, RN, MSN, C-EFM Director of Nursing OneWorld Community Health Center.

Tasha Conley

OneWorld Community Health Center

Binovia understand the needs of medical facilities and has created a HIPAA compliant system that allows our office technology to run smoothly so we can spend more time focusing on our patients.  We have used Binovia services for over 7 years and their commitment to providing high level customer service is why we continue to partner with them for all our technology needs.

Melisa Ging

Capehart Family Dentistry, P.C.