About Binovia

Binovia provides superior informatics and biomedical services to the technologically advancing needs of health care facilities. We apply a unique blend of biomedical engineering and information technology training to our approach and service all of your health care IT and biomedical engineering needs.From the rural hospital to the nationwide health care conglomerate, Binovia is equipped to service your health care technology needs, no matter how large or small, with a sense of urgency and priority on patient care. We understand that many times situations are life-and-death and our accuracy and quickness could make the difference.

Without properly functioning equipment your facility would be unable to provide quality patient care. Constant passing the buck on problem solving from the biomedical engineering department to the healthcare IT department can also lead to increased downtime and unsatisfied patients.

At Binovia, our technicians are cross-trained in all areas. We follow the problems directly from the patient to the equipment, the computer, the nurse’s station and on to patient records. And because we understand medical terminology and basic patient information, we’re able to determine and solve the problem quickly and efficiently.