Medical Device

At Binovia, we understand how crucial it is that your medical equipment is always functioning at the highest level possible so our biomedical equipment technicians are trained to repair the most up-to-date technology and equipment. We service most brands and devices.

Our professionally trained biomedical equipment technicians are capable of installing, inspecting, repairing, calibrating, and servicing all medical equipment and all brands. Binovia works with medical facility IT departments, and we therefore place a heavy emphasis on HIPAA compliance and HIPAA compliance training.


Binovia has customized our backup strategy/architecture to minimize downtime. We have worked extensively with many different PACS networks, and realizes that simple DICOM storage of images can be cumbersome to reinstate into a fully functional system. Binovia offers traditional DICOM 3.0 storage in parallel with customized manufacturer specific recommendations. This dual pronged approach can greatly reduce downtime should the facility experience a catastrophic failure.

Electrical Safety Check

Each year your facility is required to have annual electrical safety checks on all medical equipment to ensure the safety to both your patients and staff. Why not have your dedicated Biomed and IT partner handle those annual safety checks for you.

Not only can Binovia perform the essential testing of your medical equipment, but we can also make repairs to most medical equipment; and even offer replacement devices when needed.

Binovia also performs electrical safety checks and output performance checks for medical and cosmetic lasers.

Laser Repair

Binovia is ready to service and repair your medical and cosmetic lasers.  Traditionally, lasers have been expensive to service and repair by the manufacturer, and Binovia is your partner to break this tradition.  Binovia is an Omaha, Nebraska based company that is fast, reliable and can often offer same day service.  Not only does Binovia perform the essential testing of your lasers, but can also make repairs to most lasers as needed.

Per NFPA 99 (1999) Chapter 7, each year patient care facilities are required to have annual electrical safety checks on all electrical medical equipment to ensure safety to both your patients and staff.  Binovia recommends the same for all facilities that use lasers for cosmetic reasons and tattoo removal.

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