The Binovia Difference

Binovia is an all-encompassing Biomed and IT customer based company.  Each of Binovia’s technicians are crossed trained to handle both Biomed and IT issues.  This means your facility only has to make one call to satisfy their Biomed or IT related needs as opposed to calling multiple companies to get a Biomed or an IT issue resolved. Whether it’s a blood pressure machine not functioning correctly or you need a firewall installed, one call to Binovia and any of our technicians will be able to resolve the issue.  Since Binovia is a an all-encompassing Biomed and IT company, pricing is extremely competitive.  At Binovia, we understand the importance of facilities running smoothly and efficiently to ensure patients are getting the best possible care at your facility.  

Binovia prides itself on being a solution based company no matter the issue.  Binovia takes a creative approach to ensure facilities are running smoothly and any down time is minimal. Because of this creative approach, Binovia is able to solve just about any issue or create a solution to an issue to help your facility run more efficiently.

At Binovia, we actively listens to our client’s needs & wants and work tirelessly to exceed those expectations.  There is nothing more important to Binovia than their clients.

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