Healthcare IT

Modern medical centers depend heavily on networked communications for functionality to ensure quality patient care. Our professional biomedical engineers and healthcare IT technicians help manage continuously changing technology while keeping your current network infrastructure running. Binovia understands that not all new technology is right for every customer, and we are very aware of budgetary concerns.

Vital medical devices such as diagnostic monitoring, and radiology equipment, MRI’s, and ECG’s are integrally connected to your network, therefore requiring experienced Healthcare IT services. Binovia's natural combination of solving complex IT solutions and biomedical engineering resulted in a new and improved service company that is truly designed for the needs of the modern healthcare industry.



Binovia started as a service company for PACS networks when the manufacturers were going out of business during the dot com bust of the late 1990's. We were able to keep our customer's PACS networks operational at times for years while a we assisted with a proper plan to allow for budgetary goals to be met prior to moving to a new system. With this background we moved into being the US service arm for Shina Systems PACS based in Israel, and worked as PACS administrators for over 12 different PACS manufacturers within various hospitals and imaging centers throughout the US.

Binovia has customized our backup strategy/architecture to minimize downtime. Having worked extensively with over 12 different PACS networks, we realize that DICOM storage of images can be expensive and cumbersome. Binovia offers traditional DICOM storage in parallel with customized manufacturer specific recommendations. This dual pronged approach can greatly reduce downtime should the facility experience a catastrophic failure.

Electronic Medical Records

For smaller facilities, Binovia offers EMR installation and implementation services to help your medical facility become more efficient.

EMR implementation can seem like a difficult undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. Binovia’s skilled biomedical engineers and healthcare IT trained biomed professionals help implement an effective EMR system and help train your staff on its proper use and operation in your daily environment.

As part of Binovia’s complete EMR solution, our EMR software can include EMR billing and EMR management so that you can get the most out of your EMR system. Binovia also has you covered in the event of data loss or hardware failures as we customize our complete EMR solution to your needs and even provide EMR backup and EMR hosting.

Imaging Workflow Automation

In partnership with medQ, Binovia also supplies imaging teams with an end-to-end, integrated, fully featured set of imaging workflow modules that can be combined and customized to form the “perfect-fit” automated workflow for any practice.  The Q/ris 3000 Imaging Workflow increases productivity by as much as 75% with high-powered automation tools for:

  • Exam Ordering
  • Scheduling  & Registration
  • AUC-CDS Compliance
  • Dose & Supply Capture
  • Workload Assignment
  • Report Dictation/Creation
  • Peer Learning & Peer Review
  • Billing
  • Clinical Analytics
  • Critical Test Result Management
  • Teleradiology

Q/ris 3000 can serve as the universal bridge and integrate any number of disparate EMR, PACS, HIS and add-on systems.  The flexibility and modular architecture of the Q/ris 3000 allows imaging teams to bridge gaps in workflow (ie. Between the EMR and PACS) and scale later, or to design a new highly-automated workflow afresh. The choice is yours.  

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